Why some people are very depressed?

why some people are very depressed

There are many people in the world. All have different faces, opinions, and wishes. They all too have dissimilar priorities to work on. Some people are good, and a significant number are involved in illegal or unethical activities with the shackles of doom and gloom.

Those who cause troubles in others’ lives, cannot reach the level of self-actualization. As far as the people who do wrong are concerned, all of such entities have always been seen regretting. If one snatches anything from someone else, one has to pay it back once in life.

Whether it is respect or any materialistic thing, if taken forcefully from others, has to be compensated now or then.

A thing that is very common is saying, “Do good, have good”. Good people not only enjoy better than bad ones, but also they can sometimes reach the ultimate level of satisfaction.

Why some people are very depressed? It may be because of one’s mistakes. Sometimes, our decision-making capacity is affected, and we choose something unfavorable.

Sometimes, we say harsh words to others. This behavior may tease us ahead in our life. What is the source of happiness then?

The following tips will help you to overcome your depressed attitude and revive your heart.

  1. Do good with others and spread good wishes
  2. Help people whom you can help
  3. Try to be positive in bad times
  4. Avoid negative thoughts or ideas
  5. Make sure to visit different places for refreshment. It releases love hormones.
  6. Do not take any kind of alcohol
  7. Indulge in the habit of reading at least half an hour a day
  8. Never blame others
  9. Count your blessings, not your problems
  10. Associate mentally with your family members
  11. Enjoy with your friends, go for picnics every month at least
  12. Eat balanced diet
  13. Never play with others’ hearts
  14. Do not deceive in anything, it causes embarrassment
  15. Dole out some charity to the poor
  16. Be a scheduled person
  17. Make new friends, but never leave any of your friend
  18. You ought to be a morning person
  19. Do not hide your feelings. Try to express every time. Be externally what you are in inner soul.
  20. Do not let anger overcome you. It will lead you into signs of depression.

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