Why Good Relationship Turns Worst?

Why good relationship turns worst

Before we know why good relationship turns worst. Let’s know what is good relationship.

Good Relationship:

A good relationship is when someone accepts your past, supports your present and encourage your future.

It is the bonding that is built on the basis of true and trustful friendship. In which everything is together shared. There are no specific male or female roles. Everything including ideas, needs and plans are made jointly.

In bonded attachment with someone, there is respect, care, love and most importantly trust for each other. Trust is the main thing which can make any relationship strong and meaningful.

How to have a great relationship:

 A healthy relationship can be with anybody, it may be with your parents, siblings, and friends, relative and with your loved ones. To keep any relationship successful you have to follow different rules of building a strong relationship.

Some of these rules are:

Having a good communication:

Good communication with your loved ones is a vital case in any good relationship. Having a good relationship means that you should share each and everything with each other on the daily basis. With the passage of time most of the relationships turns worst, this is due to fact that there is not good communication among each other which is the cause of separation.

Communication is the key of meaningful relationship in which both the partners equally and mutually invest to make it long-lasting.

Express completely and honestly:

To have a great relationship you should give importance to each other by sharing each and everything completely and honestly without any doubt. To keep a relationship healthy partners should discuss everything with each other from the start of the day to end of the day. By discussing your whole day with one another this will show other partner his/her importance in your life.  This is the way you can make any relationship valuable and trustful.

Sympathize with each other:

Whenever your partner share with you anything, any insecurity or secret, it is your duty that you shout empathize your partner with your loving and caring words. And whenever your partner share something secret to you should take your partner in confidence that you will help him/her in their problem and don’t tell your secret to anybody.

Tell them that you have trust in them and thank them for being honest and clear with you.

Admire each other:

It should be the responsibility for every partner to admire and to value each other in their work or in everything belongs to them. This is a good way to recognize each other their importance and value in your life. Admiring each other makes a relationship strong and long-lasting. When your partner does something good for you appreciate him, this will make your partner peaceful and happier.

Avoid lying:

In any relationship, lying can cause the worst effect on your healthy relationship. In any relationship, one lie can destroy the trust that has been built with many efforts and struggles. So never speak lie to your partner this will make him/her feel that you don’t have any importance for them in your life.

Can A Good Relationship Become Bad?

A good relationship can become bad if the charm of relationship suddenly gets eliminated. Obviously, there are some important reasons that act as a bedrock for a healthy relationship. If those reasons come to an end, even a good relationship can become bad quickly. So, make sure to keep the charm of relationship alive.

Why good relationship turns worst (Reasons):

It feels very devastated when you wish like that relationship don’t end and it came to end.  Abuse, anger, trust issues, lack of communication, don’t give time to each other, don’t supporting each other due to these things even a healthy and best relationship become ruined and toxic. A toxic relationship can destroy a person both from inside and out.

The most common mistakes that make great relationships turn into bad ones are:

Expecting them to make you happy:

Yes, it’s the duty of your partner to keep you happy and don’t destroy your happiness but you can’t expect this only from one side. It is the mutual role from both sides that make each other happy and peaceful. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you only depend only from one side but it is the duty of both the partners.

When in any type of relation you only expect from one side than even a successful relationship turns worst.

Communicating with abusive nonverbal words:

It is the worst sign in of misunderstanding and distrust that when you call your partner with the abusive words. You don’t respect each other or don’t give value to one another. It is a start that will take the charm away from your lives.

Change your nonverbal words in something positive to keep your relation successful. Show some respect and love to each other otherwise, your relationship will be destroyed for life.

Partner change:

Sometimes people change which can cause a huge and destructing change in your peaceful relationship.

The time when the partner loves you, care for you, respect you and loyal to you but now he/she is exactly opposite to it. Now he/she don’t have any type of such feelings for you. Your partner ignores you don’t give time to you and going far from you. Such type of acts from your partner really destroy you from inside and when you discuss this with your partner then your partner says you to end the relationship because your partner is now not interested in you. And this can cause the end of a relationship into the worst ones.


Probably when the relation starts everything seems good. When there is a little argument between both of them, both urge to seek out the problem but as the relationship becomes old partners take their arguments and fights to their ego. What if my partner is not talking with me than I will also not talk to him/her which is a totally worse situation and leads this ego to a breakup of a relationship.


Relationships may ends when you start criticizing each other for little things. Your positive words turn negative for your partner. In relationships, you both should support one another not tearing each other.

Long Distance:

Long-distance can cause the end of any bonding It is very difficult to be in long-distance when you are in affection with someone. But if you truly love each other than you have to compromise.


From this blog, you will come up with the points that cause break ups. Learn with us more about it and talk to a counselor now.

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