What is happiness? And how to be happy?

What is happiness and how to be happy

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What is happiness?

What is happiness and how to be happy?
It is a topic of every young person because of increasing tensions in our lives day by day.
Is laughing or smiling happiness? Maybe not. Happiness is a mental state in which a person feels contented, satisfied, and over the moon. People define happiness in their respective opinions, yet a common thing that they all accept is life satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment of their goals.
Most of the people who talk about happiness or their happy state condition may be telling about their present time condition or their overall general sense about life. Scientists, counselors, and psychotherapists usually name it ‘subjective well-being’. It is actually a personal emotional state of an individual.
Key components of happiness are:
  • Balance or equilibrium of emotions
Life makes a person experience both positive and negative feelings depending on the situation. In a general sense, a positive feeling is known as happiness.
  • Life satisfaction
It is the percentage of your happy moments or positive feelings in your overall life. Broadly speaking, it means how much duration of the lifetime you are satisfied.

Signs of Happiness

Different people have different glasses to measure a single thing. I believe that the following are some signs of a happy person.
  • He is living his dreams
  • He is living the life he wants
  • He feels he has done his major chores of life
  • He is satisfied with the life
  • He observes negative thinking seldom
  • He has a proper daily routine
  • He is mentally fresh and physically fit
  • He exercises, meditates, and talks to friends
  • He has good relationships with people
  • He knows how to overcome fears and difficult situations
Happy people in life have their definite goals and observable strategies. They know about their efficiency, weaknesses, strength, and capacity. Such people who find interest in their lives are also reported successful in many cases. Having built the best relations with the neighbors, family members, friends, and colleagues is also a sign of a happy person.

What are the types of Happiness?

According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, there are two distinct types of happiness.


It is also known as hedonic happiness. People who derive happiness from doing good activities feeding the poor, enjoying in the park, meditating and talking to God in the morning, offering prayers, caring for one’s spouse, or doing anything that makes them feel good, are hedonic happy people.


To me, it is happiness that life gives you. When a person starts thinking that there is a purpose in one’s life and starts trying the level best to get the desired fruit in life, that is known as Eudaimonic happiness. Many people in the 21st century do not have this kind of happiness because of their low impetus to the meaning and value of the single life they have got.

Research shows that

People who are happy want to get eudaimonic life satisfaction instead of gaining hedonic life satisfaction.
Such people are serious with how their life behaves to them, and how are they designing it. Life makes so, as you want it. The only thing that most people forget to do is proper planning, time management, suitable strategies, multiplication of resources, and check-and-balance barriers for them.
Some psychologists have suggested the collateral type of happiness known as “Engagement”. It is the happiness measurement taken through your participation or active hand in different areas of work, performance, or maybe your own career.
Generally speaking, there are some other types of happiness too. These include:
  • joy
  • the feeling of excitement
  • pride
  • fortitude
  • contentment
  • Success level
  • Goals accomplishment pleasure
These kinds will also somewhere fall under three categories of happiness ie hedonia, eudaimonia, and engagement.

How to be happy in life?


Exercise does not only make us fit in the body but increase other body functions too. It helps boost the circulatory system, nervous system, and other relevant body systems. Exercise on daily basis helps us get out of depressing disorders, stress, and anxiety in life. A few minute activities in which your body moves and blood circulation increases in the body can make a huge difference.
I don’t say to work out for long a day. But you can start walking only for 20-30 minutes a day.


Why a person smiles? When a person is happy, he smiles. Smiling is a good activity and a source of better communication as well. Medically, when a person smiles, the mind releases happy hormones that make us further happier.
But do not try to pass a fake smile. A man on earth keeps several spiritual powers. You can derive pleasure from anything that is near you. And, then smile to see its effects.

Get proper sleep

No doubt, the world has now become a ground for the race. Every second person is willing to overtake competitors. In such conditions, most people are not getting proper sleep. It is obvious adequate sleep is fruitful for physical and mental health.
Adults who are 18 of age need around 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. It is observed too that, those people who work at night are comparatively weak in health. If you are working 9 to 5 in the day, you may be feeling an urge for a nap. It means your body needs rest.
Note these tips for better sleep:
  • Decide your sleeping hours. And, check in the next week or month if it is sufficient sleep time for you
  • Early to bed and early rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise
  • Take a bath before an hour of going to bed
  • Do not exercise in the evening
  • Do not smoke or use Tobacco
  • Drink milk or eat dairy products in the evening
  • Unburden your mind. And stop overthinking

Eat foods that boost mental health

We eat our meals thrice or twice a day. But maybe we aren’t getting our proper diet. We may lack the vitamins or minerals that our body needs for good mental health. There are some foods that enhance your mental health which are:
  • Carbohydrates release serotonin. It is a hormone that makes us feel good and happy.
  • Lean meat and dairy products are protein-rich. They are helpful for the best mental health.
You can also consult with a doctor or nutritionist. You had better get advice from a medical nutritionist.

Help people around you

Research shows that helping people can help you release happy hormones like dopamine or serotonin and be completely satisfied.
Find out the people around you whom you can donate, or help with anything. Giving compliments to people is also a healthy activity for being happy. Many people become so happy and have a good night’s sleep after feeding the poor in their town.

Breathe long and feel the air

Breathing can help you become happier than now you’re. Calm down, and relax your tight shoulders by taking a deep breath. Harvard Health has discovered that deep breathing exercises are very fruitful in overcoming anxiety and stress.
It will reduce the level of stress. Let’s know how you can do it practically. Close your eyes, try envisioning a beautiful place you have ever seen in your life, take a deep breath slowly through the nose, and then breathe out slowly. It’s also like you are doing meditation.

Accept the quandary

Optimistic people enjoy more in life. But as all know life is not a bed of roses. Literature has witnessed that life is a bed of thorns on which you have to walk with bare feet. So, you have to face depressed people, unpleasant moments, and unfavorable circumstances too.
You need to acknowledge unwanted things and unhappy moments. Never try to wear a fake posh of pleasure on your face, throw your internal fuss out on your face. Actually, doing it makes you realize that you are going through a bad experience. A person who accepts negative feelings can also understand what causes them to inflict on a person. Learn from your past experience as much as you can.

Write down good and bad moments

How successful persons have achieved their goals? And how are they the biggest entrepreneurs of the day? It is because they organize every single stuff. Whatever you feel, why do not you capture it in a journal or diary?
You can do this for enjoyable scenes, entertaining movies, relishing novels, and so on. When you will again look at the diary, you will recall everything. A beautiful smile will suddenly come over your lips.

Avoid stress

Stress is, fortunately, part of life. It is the stress that tells us that we are not living happily. People are not living their dreams in recent times but most men are living their fears and incomplete ambitions. There are a number of people too, who cause us to become stressed every time we meet them.
You need to figure out such people and stop gossiping with them about anything. Leave every single thing that causes you troublesome stress. You need to relieve stress for becoming an entertained person.

Meet with childhood friends

Your childhood memories are the treasures of happiness. You can just take them out of the unconscious mind and remember how did you look in the past. It will revive your heart and soul greatly. Do you still know any childhood friend with whom you kept on playing games all day?
If yes, call him on his number and ask him to meet you on the coming Saturday or Sunday. With him, you are gonna say “Cheers my old friend”. People with old memories are happy than those who repent on the recent bad memories of their mistakes or wrongly initiated strategies.

Plan your month

One who organizes the work is a good strategist. One who makes fruitful strategies is a successful person. And, you know well that success brings fortitude and joy.
When you will complete all works of the month, you will see how your mind increasingly releases happy hormones. And, you will be joyous to know that you did what was planned. Include all your hobbies, exercise, and every single thing that you have to carry out daily in your monthly schedule.

Minimize the use of electronics

You need to switch off all electronic devices like a smartphone or laptop at least 8-10 hours a week. It is necessary for your health. The mobile screen or laptop display sends rays that affect your eyes and mental health. It is also a proven fact using electronics for a long can result in weaker eyesight.
You need to do it. It will make a huge difference. For its place, do some meditation or go out for a walk.

Explore nature

Let’s learn about the 2016 study. It shows that walking on greenery lowers depression and blood pressure.
You can go to the nearby park, ground or anything space you have. It has to been greenery. It is because you go nearer to nature. You can also tour forests, open grounds, and anything that make you feel nature. It is surely beneficial for you to enjoy nature, and leave crowded places.


Meditation is a process, in which, you are only with yourself. Some people ask ‘how to meditate’ and I answer them that doing nothing is called meditation. It is up to you how you can do nothing and focus on breathing. What I do many times a week is, place a thin object before your eyes and focus on its peak top. Don’t blink eyes and keep seeing it.
Get Online Counselling or therapy
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Count your blessings

Most people are always counting difficulties. And, they forget what blessings have they got from Almighty God. If the situation is unfavorable for you, then why do you end up? Life is the second name of continuous struggle. When you stop, life stops moving with pleasure and success.
You always need to count blessings, facilities, and the benefits of available resources. When you will start doing this, your goals will start getting impetus and triumphant.

Make time table with priorities

Life has certain priorities. Two people also have different works to do on variable priorities. If you are a student, then you need to study one subject first, and then another. If you are a digital marketer, you will have to provide your service on the rule of ‘first come, first served’. These are the two examples of what I mean by priorities here.
Write down all your priorities. And, make a list of the works. Create a list of priority-based things. And then, you should make a schedule, to begin with.

Talk with healthy people

You should accompany by healthy people. What does it mean by healthy people here? Healthy in this context mean healthy in mental approach, responsibilities, activities and life. It is a popular old quote that “As the company, so the colour”. You have to decide which colour you want to dye yourself with.
If you are choosing nice people as your friends, then you are gonna enjoy it. Make good friends and leave those people who stress you much than they please you.

Read novels and stories

Novels and stories contain a lesson-based message for readers. You may not be a good reader. But if you are, you must be known for its benefits. Start reading love stories, famous novels, and good romantic relation-based books to derive pleasure.
Books are good friends as derived from a famous quote. So, start reading today and be happy.

Impacts of Happiness

What are the impacts of happiness for you? There are many for me. A happy person is more energetic, working, healthy, and productive. Depressed ones cannot do anything they are assigned with. The following are major impacts of happiness on life:
  • Happy people get more satisfaction in life. And, they think productively.
  • Happy persons have increased coping skills
  • Happiness creates improved communication among people, colleagues, and friends
  • Positive feelings can improve your body systems. You will have good health. And, hence you can perform well at your office/workplace/school.
  • A positive attitude creates a better romance and pleasurable sex with a spouse.
  • Being happy increases the power of your immune system. And, you seldom become sick.
  • It is the way to success
  • It makes us befriend with people
  • Happy persons are always helpful to others

History of Happiness

Happiness is actually related to wellness and health. The constitutions of states have clearly described that every citizen should get health facilities and remain healthy without any single illness either mentally or physically. So, the history of happiness is as old as the health system of the oldest state.
There are certain theories about happiness. One is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs explained below.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

It is the hierarchy of needs that people start their journeys in the pursuit of complex needs. When a person becomes successful in getting basic needs, then he is motivated to fulfil psychological and emotional needs.
The last need according to Maslow is self-actualization. It is the level not acquired by the most common man but saints are successful to have reached the self-actualization level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


In the field of positive psychology, it is the main thing to get happiness in life. Psychologists try different ways to guide people to become satisfied. And, the psychologists also tries their level best experimenting with new methods that can change the life of a depressed person.
Positive psychology helps people a lot in changing their lifestyle, mental health and behaviour.

Final Words

In the end, I would like to request you to leave us a suggestion or method to improve our blog. It was everything that you mainly need to know about becoming a happy person. Did you enjoy the article? If yes, then we are successful in our purpose.
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