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What causes embarrassment

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Embarrassment is the state where you feel uneasiness or lack of happiness due to some act or mistake done by someone. It is also imagined that embarrassment is the act is to make a person feel bad or ashamed of his/her mistake. Embarrassment is the worst feeling that makes you feel uncomfortable, ashamed, confused in a group of people, or even alone.

The cause of embarrassment is because that that if someone has done something wrong mistakenly or unconsciously.

Most people believe that feeling of embarrassment is necessary because in this way if the person who has done something wrong knows about his mistake and doesn’t repeat that blunder again.

Sometimes this type of feeling can put an unhealthy effect on the person. And if this feeling turns excessive then it can cause a worse effect on personal mental and physical health. One can experience depression, fatigue, sadness, unhappiness, or hopelessness due to it.

What causes embarrassment?

Embarrassment is the cause of the fact that you feel totally wrong or worse for some mistake you have done in public or alone. And there are also some people who don’t feel embarrassed after any mistake done by them. In this way, they will repeat that stupidity again and again.

Reasons for embarrassment is when you have done something worse and now you tell yourself or think that:

  • What people will say about me?
  • Now no one will like me for the act done by me.
  • Why I have done such a bad thing in front of everyone?

Causes of embarrassment are:


It is when you compare yourself with other people or a person that he/she is so good at everything and I can’t do anything better or I always do mistakes and blunders in everything and another person is so perfect at every purpose of life or matter.

Student Life:

In a student’s life, the feeling of embarrassment is most. Some are the students who are not good at their studies or any class activity, so they are insulted by their teachers and class fellows. In this way, they feel so much embarrassed and this will cause depression, demotivation, and anxiety in them.


At the workplace when some employees have not given a good presentation or they have not prepared the right report for any project so they are insulted by their boss in front of everyone. In this way that employees will feel extremely embarrassed in front of everyone and will go into a worse state may be called depression.


In a family when any sibling is compared to any other in studies or any other activity then some parents degrade him/her in front of everyone that he/she feels embarrassed and bad.

Sometimes people also feel insulted or embarrassed because of social reputation. Some people think that status is everything in this world. If they will no spend more and more money in front of others or if they have not good status then what people will say about them and then they will feel embarrassed publically. What people will say can lead to embarrassment.

Is embarrassment a good thing?

Yes, it may be a good thing for you if you take it in a positive manner as it can help one a lot in every matter of life.

Reasons why embarrassment is a good thing:


The state of feeling embarrassed is sometimes necessary as it can make us more alert for the situations in the future. In this way, we will more be focused on the goal of our life. Feeling of embarrassment is necessary that we are then prepared not to repeat the mistake again and again.


Feeling of embarrassment is necessary because if you feel embarrassed then you will never want that by doing again such mistake your self-respect get hurt. Because for everyone their self-respect is very important more than any other thing.


Sometimes embarrassment is good for people because if by doing some bad thing you feel embarrassed then you will not let it again to hurt someone’s expectations who is very close to you like family members and friends.

Sometimes embarrassment can be a worse thing too because it can affect your mental and physical health badly. In this way, you will get weaker day by day by feeling sad and depressed. So health should not be affected by embarrassment.

Sometimes people don’t accept the fact or mistakes done by them which can lead to worse situations like self-harm in extreme cases.

Difference between Embarrassment and Humiliation:

Let’s understand the difference between embarrassment and humiliation.

The embarrassment we can say is a nervous or insecure feeling that is felt when some person has done something very wrong, bad or immoral.

While Humiliation is very sturdy feeling shame and disconcertment. It means that decreasing the self-esteem or self-respect of someone. As there are some social standards created by some people. So when some person doesn’t do things according to the standards of society then people humiliate him/her.

Embarrassment, shame, humiliation all are the estimated of society. That is felt in different situations and cases.

How embarrassment can be prevented?

Embarrassment can be prevented by following important steps:


When you take embarrassment in a positive way then your self-confidence will be developed to improve the mistake you have done due to which you have to feel embarrassed. Always make a list of the things at which you are good. Always think positive because in our life everything has a positive side. So in this way you can develop self-confidence and can rid of the feeling of embarrassment.

Set objectives:

Set the objectives and goals of your life and be determined on it which will help you to prevent the feeling of embarrassment. Because when you set the objectives of your life you don’t think to make mistakes again because you have to succeed in future.


This blog post will help you in a lot of manners. This blog post will let you know what embarrassment is. Does the feeling of embarrassment is good for you or not and how to prevent it.

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