What is attachment and bonding?

what is attachment and bonding

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What is Attachment:

Attachment means being sensitive and caring for the person you love the most and don’t want to lose her or him throughout your entire life. Attachment can be with anyone like with your friends, family, or with your close ones.

Attachment is with those people with whom you feel secure, happy, comfortable, and complete. If you want to have a strong and close relationship with someone or if you want successful relation with someone then attachment is the main thing you must have with that person because attachment is the feeling of purest love and care.

The feeling of attachment is needed when you want to get rid of an empty place in your life or if you want to completely get rid of loneliness in your life. The person to whom you are emotionally attached doesn’t want that he/she should go apart from you.

What is Bonding:

Any two-person who is very close to each other can create a bond. Bonding is another form of attachment. If you want to have a strong bond with someone then you have to take care about some points:

  • If you want to create beautiful bond with someone then you have to treat them friendly and with love. Because if you treat anyone with love, smile and care then this shows how friendly and loyal you are to them. So friendship is the first way to create the strong bond with your loved ones.
  • Second way to create long lasting bond with someone is to trust them. Trust and love them with all your heart.
  • Listen them carefully. Pay attention to every word they say. Because the person you love their each and every words are so important for you.
  • To create bond with someone the main thing you should consider is to spend a lot of time with them. So that your bond should be created for forever.

What is attachment in psychology?

Attachment in psychology is the theory that is based on psyche and mindset it is the bond that is created between humans. In psychology attachment of child with mother is so pure and undefinable. It is the bond that can never be ended. This bond or attachment is purest form of love. A very beautiful relation in which the mother takes care of his child from birth to the whole of her entire life.

There are three different types of attachment in psychology

  • Reliable
  • Fearful
  • Avoidant


To feel reliable means to feel secure in a parenting relationship or with the person you feel comfortable. Those relationship are so beautiful and wholesome which are healthy, reliable and smooth.


The type of relationship which is full of fear and anxious behavior is so much disturbing and worse. This is the type of relationship in which you feel fear to say anything to someone you love. In this type of relationship, there is a lot of struggle.


In this type the person you love the most avoid and ignore you or give importance to somebody else on you. So this type of relation or attachment is distracting and painful.

What is attachment theory?

Attachment is the judgmental and considerable theory in which relation with the people is considered.

The most important belief is that your child need to create a bond with someone who provides your child full care that will help your child in nourishment and development. This bond can be in the form with mother, father or siblings.

Attachment theory is defined as deep bonding with someone who wants closeness and loyalty with each other. In this type of bond there are a lot of responsibilities like loving each other, taking care of each other, spending time with your loved ones, listen to them carefully, keep loyalty etc. to keep your bond successful.

Types of caretaker:

  • Empathetic
  • Heartless
  • Irregular or abnormal


Empathetic is the type of organized relationship with someone. In this type of relation, there is a lot of care, love, and peace. This type of relationship is secure. In this category, caregivers take care of the people they care for and love and give a feeling of security to them.


This type of relationship is in which the caretaker shows the ignoring and rejecting behavior. This type of relation is also called insecure-avoidant. This type of relationship is the hardest thing that is happened to someone and can disturb their mental and physical health.

Irregular and abnormal:

This type of relation or attachment with someone is disorganized or we may call it Insecure-disorganized behavior in which your loved ones are ignored and neglected.

What is attachment disorder?

Attachment disorder is the wide term used to explain the chaos of mood swings in relationships. Attachment disorders developed by neglecting behavior or not the availability of caretakers or if not proper care, love, and attention is provided by parents to their child in childhood.

Cons of attachment disorder:

Disadvantages of attachment disorder are:

Physical health:

In this type of attachment disorder in which your child doesn’t get proper nourishment and growth because no one is available to take care of your child. In this way, adverse changes in health can occur like illness, fatigue, not proper growth, depression, etc.

Antisocial relationship:

Antisocial is a mental and personality disorder. In this type of relationship one not feel confident in anything and lack the meaning of rights and ignores the feelings of others.

What is attachment style:

Attachment styles can be of two types:

  • Secure that we can say are organized.
  • Insecure that are disorganized.

Secure attachment style:

In this type of attachment style you can easily trust to someone you love and you are emotionally attached to someone you care about.

Insecure attachment style:

In this type of style, you are always fearful and anxious and can’t trust someone easily.


This blog post will be very helpful to you as in this you will come to know about attachment and bonding with your loved ones and how to build them strong and successful.

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