What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush

what does it mean when you dream about your crush

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One of the most curious things for our young boys and girls is to interpret dreams about their crushes. They are always busy in the search for dream meanings and interpretations. Dreams are not only reflections of what we think, but they may be something that we are craving to achieve in our life. There are several Google searches every like:

In this blog, we will cover all these queries and eliminate all your fears about misinterpretation.

Yes, nothing can indeed beat the happiness of a dream in which your crush likes you or you see them. It’s human psychology that often you get to know that person in your dream about which you have been thinking before your sleep. This article answers what does it mean when you dream about your crush.

After waking up, you felt like your heart is floating on clouds. You are not able to control yourself and begin to re-think again and again and indeed fantasize about the dream. But then, all of a sudden, you think, what if it was a bad dream? Or some kind of sign. What could this dream mean? So all this depends upon the nature of the vision you saw, what role your crush was playing in the dream and the situation? So let’s start from the beginning of this thought.

Why do we see our crush in our dream?

While people sleep, the dream they see is mostly about their brain activity, and just like that, our brain works when we are awake. It also stores memory when we are sleeping. So there are many chances to see someone you have been thinking about or someone that is always on your mind.

Why does it mean when we see our crush in our dream?

Keeping aside all the romantic fantasies of yourself that you keep recreating in your brain when you are awake, your emotions, desires, events, as well as your personal struggle, will play a significant part in determining the flow of your crush’s dream.

After all, we know that a dream is simply a canvas where our brain and thoughts can freely express themselves with their innermost secrets.

So dreaming about your crush creates many possible situations, so here we represent some particular situations for you that might become luckily possible for you. Some situations may or may not relate to your situation.

A dream in which you just see your crush face only:

What does it mean when you see crush face in dream
See Crush Face Only

It is often noticed that your crush’s actions, speech, the body are not entirely visible in many dreams. They are blurry or vague. All that you can mostly recognize is their face without any complete detail.

What does it mean?

If you are just focusing on the face structure, it possibly means that it is the projection of your ideal person image. It is natural that we all think or idealize some personalities or traits at a point in life, thinking that our partner should have these specific qualities in them. These traits can be of their physical appearance like they should be thin, white, tall, etc., or it can be their nature how they speak, understand, love, etc.


Idealizing someone as your partner is not wrong. It’s good to have a specific criterion so that at the time, you don’t feel confused and don’t recognize your soul mate and regret for the rest of your life. When you set up your specific criteria then you are less likely to get confused but in some situations, you don’t fall upon your criteria but you just get attracted towards the person you have never thought of.

A dream in which you and your crush go on a date and enjoy:

What does it mean when you dream about dating with your crush
Dating Dreams

If you notice this dream in a figurative or literal sense, it shows a scene in a manner you need to go like an average couple. In your fantasized vision, you might see going for a walk holding hand in hand, watching a movie at the cinema, having a good shopping day with your crush and deciding to buy the stuff of their choice, eating outside in a restaurant, or having a fun conversation in your favorite coffee shop. In a standard survey, it’s seen that most of the dreams come under this category.

What does it mean?

This type of narrative dream describes your desires or wishes you want to be fulfilled. As we know, that dream is a canvas on which the innermost thoughts are expressed in the form of a scene. In simple wording, these dreams show your wishes when you constantly think about the person you wish to spend your life with, and ultimately, you want to end up together in a dream not less than paradise.


Having a loyal relation is not bad at all and is found very rare in today’s cases. So desiring to hang out is a good option for your relationship as spending more time together will create more understanding between you two. You will get to know your likes and dislikes more properly and there will be fewer chances of facing any kind of misunderstanding.

A dream of having some physical relationship with your crush or seducing them:

What does it mean when you dream about your crush having physical relationship with you
Seductive Dreams

This kind of dream for sure is a delightful dream for you, but this kind of dream can also make different meanings from what they are directly implied. This dream of having physical relation with your desired person can make up two scenarios. In the first scenario, with equal enthusiasm, your crush reciprocated of your initiate intimacy, so if you see that you are the one who is seducing, then here is what you actually mean.

What does it mean?

Whenever the person is dreaming, or in other words, we can say the dreamer is taking an active part in this role, then it means that the dreamer has a strong desire to physically relate with their crush.

Even if you haven’t been intimate with that specific person, then this desiring dream could occur in these states.

A dream in which your crush is being physical or seducing you:

What does it mean when you dream about your crush seducing you
Did you see your crush seducing you?

In the other case mentioned above, the dream is proceeding as expected, and your crush is attracting you any kind of moment, then each scenario takes a different meaning. Still, the thing that is clear in both the dreams is that there is a desire for physical intimacy with your crush.

What does it mean?

Seeing a dream in which your crush is seducing you is representing an unconscious desire for physical intimacy to be persuaded by another person you like.

But as you are taking the passive role in this dream, every action that is happening is out of your control, so this signifies that you have hesitation in taking action towards the person you like, that is your crush.


There is no harm to having these feelings as it’s typical human nature that you desire for their presence and touch if you love or like someone. If you both are having the same thoughts and wishes, you can go for it.

A dream in which your crush rejects you:

What does it mean when you dream about your crush rejecting you
Did your crush reject your proposal in a dream?

You suddenly wake up from this dream as it is so terrible to see, and at the point it feels like everything is doom and gloom because after all the fantasy you saw predicted the truth, right?

Just kidding

This is wrong! Because this could mean something else entirely what you have thought.

What does it mean?

When you see an unfortunate dream that your crush rejects you, it doesn’t change your crush feelings in real life and transforms into a dream, but what it honestly means is that right now, for some of the other reason you don’t believe entirely in your crush that they will accept you. You are in some fear of rejection. This dream is a warning for yourself that you are not confident enough to face them or even that you are not prepared to ask your crush out.


The best solution is that you need to work on your insecurities and build a trustful relationship with your crush. Honestly speaking, this dream has nothing to do with your crush. These dreams are just your assumptions that are not entirely true.

A dream in which your crush is ignoring you:

What does it mean when you dream about your crush ignoring you
Does your crush always ignore you?

You may have a dream in which you walk to your crush for some conversation, and you end up getting ignored by your crush? Or in some situations, it gets worse, like giving attention to someone else?

The weirdest thought you may have would be that you are currently having good relations with your crush in real life, but you dreamt about something so wrong, and it hurts you more than anything you have experienced before.

What does it mean?

If you had a horrible dream that your crush is ignoring you or you are getting warnings of ending up getting rejected, then it has nothing to do with them, and everything is ended up doing with you, how you are feeling inside. When you had this dream of helplessly watching your crush ignore you, it clearly displays the fear of your getting rejected and losing them. You are in a good relationship with them, but a part of you from inside is afraid to lose them maybe because you think you are not capable of them or you don’t deserve it as they are much better compared to you or any other.


The best solution is to communicate with them, share your thoughts, and share your ideas with them. Talk to them about this fear, and if they are a good partner for you, they will indeed console you and make you believe that nothing is better than you and nothing is dear to them except you.

A dream in which you are fighting or arguing with your crush:

What does it mean when you dream about your crush arguing with you
Dream about crush fighting with you

This is a disturbing dream for where you both are together but end up fighting with each other.

Sometimes the fight can be disturbing to experience if it’s physical; otherwise, in other situations, having a short conversation with loud shouting. Regardless you can see that the dream highlights the point of conflict.

What does it mean?

Having this kind of bad experience dream means that having an argument till this level shows the insecurity of the dreamer towards their partner or anxieties towards this relationship.

This may occur because you may be thinking of or having a fear of breaking up at the end because your thoughts or perspectives don’t meet or for some other reasons.


For this situation, you again have the exact solution of having a detailed conversation together where you both can tell or share your thinking, the way you feel, things you like or dislike in each other. In this way you both can overcome your many conflicts and can develop a great sense of understanding between each other. Not only this, but many problems can be solved in this way and come to an end with a healthy and robust, and reliable relationship that lasts longer or forever.

A dream in which you see your crush dying:

A dream in which you see your crush dying
Did you see your crush dying?

This dream is not less than a nightmare for anyone. Crush’s death in a dream may shock you. At the most time, people see a vision of attending a funeral of their crush, or standing beside their death bed, or sometimes even receiving a piece of news from a friend or somewhere that your crush has died.

What does it mean?

Seeing this type of dream may be traumatic or may be problematic, so don’t worry about this happening in real life. But this dream means that your feelings for your crush symbolically die after a long time. It points toward that you no longer hold strong feelings or affection towards your crush you did in the beginning.

But on the other side of the situation, it could also mean that you miss them or want to see them because you hadn’t heard from them a long time ago.


Make everything clear between you and your partner. Share your thoughts and feelings openly with each other. Speak and also listen to the other person.

What does it mean when you dream about your crush kissing you:

What does it mean when you dream about your crush kissing you
Did you see him or her kissing you in a dream?

Seeing something like this means that you have a desire or you have been thinking for this scenario to happen. Our dreams are often the results of the experiences and events that we see in real life.

What does it mean?

This thing can make numerous meanings like you want to make a move first in your relationship development, or you feel confident that the other person is interested in you, or they want to make the relation to proceeding with you.

It can also mean that you wish or have a particular desire for this thing to happen. This is the most typical reason for seeing this specific dream as these dreams show your affection towards them, but there is no way to know when this can happen in real life with you.


It is a natural feeling that you desire the presence of the person you like, so you dream about it. In this situation, you should express yourself to the other person so you can open up and start to build a good relationship with the other person.

A dream in which someone tells you that they have a crush on you:

What does it mean when you dream about your crush saying has crush on you
Did your crush express you are his or her crush too?

Flattery, of course at its best, to dream that someone has a crush on you and is admitting in front of you is the best kind of dream you can ever have or think of, and there is a chance that you start liking the person back and following them on social media accounts or maybe stalking them back. It is quite possible that you may even start enjoying them back.

What does it mean?

When you see a dream that someone is admitting that they have a crush on you or they like you back is probably the chance that your subconscious is letting you show your positive traits in yourself. This dream can make you feel more confident and secure in your sense. Basically, it can mean that you are noticing signs of attraction by someone in your life now.

The other most significant possibility can be that this is a sign that you should notice a person or maybe you just realize that you are attracted or interested towards them or thinking that they are a nice person.


Don’t hide your feelings for someone if you get to know them. Express yourself to another person if you really have some feelings for them.

A dream in which you see your old crush:

What does it mean when you dream about your crush dying
Did you see old crush in your dreams?

This could be shocking for you because you have not thought of them for many months or maybe a year. Why now? Does it mean you should contact them?

What does it mean?

When you see this kind of dream, it’s all probability there is nothing to signify any cosmic connection, and it also doesn’t mean that they are thinking of you too. Dreaming that you see your old crush can mean that you are going through the same situation again, or in your current relationship, you are facing the same experience again in your life.

It can also be thought that you are attracted to the exact nature of the person. It can resemble that you are feeling the same sense of insecurity. It hints that you are repeating the same mistake again in your life when you are in a relationship.


Do not overthink is the best solution to this problem. The more you think of your past, the more it can repetitively come in your way. Nothing will be achieved except heartache and sorrow. Focus on your present life and always try to learn from your past mistakes and keep growing yourself. Always think to start from fresh ideas in your life, deleting the past.

A dream about having a crush on someone you really hate in your real life:

What does it mean when you dream about your crush not liking you
Dream about crush on someone who you do not like in real life

This is as horrible as it seems to read. You would be questioning yourself that you slept peacefully just to wake up the following day, thinking that you that getting attracted to someone you have always hated since they have stepped into your life from the very first day.

What does it mean?

It is a psychological fact that as much you hate someone in your life, there will be a point in your life where you can have a soft corner for them. As it relates, because may be due to your anger, you might be thinking of them so much that they end up stuck in your mind. It’s apparent that you will never accept this in your real life but remember the thing mentioned above that dream is a canvas of your innermost thoughts it can include those thoughts which you cannot admit readily in real life or in front of someone because you are not ready to accept that they too can have some of the other good quality in them.


Don’t force your emotions on yourself. Let your mind or heart feel whatever they wish for, and even it is the silliest thing you can ever think or feel. Don’t get afraid of opening up. Understandably, people are so scared of opening up in front of others or in public, but why is there a shame in space in front of yourself.

So please don’t push yourself to be sensible always you may think silly sometimes at least you will be able to know yourself well that is also really important for our mental health.

The main point to be explained is that it isn’t a big deal of what others are thinking of you when you know yourself well.

Final verdict

About our true self, dreams tell us a lot of a great deal that is always in the form of symbolic images. So to find or understand what does it mean to see your crush in your dreams is not surprising when they are in your thoughts, whether its day or its night and not all the dreams are giving some message or hint to us as said earlier dreams come in the form of the canvas of all the inner thoughts and sometimes the over thinking of our own mind.

As we are very desperate and quick to reach any of the false conclusions, so it’s better not to focus on them consistently. 

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