Reasons Why People Leave Ones They Love

What are the reasons people leave ones they love actually

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Why some people walk away from ones they actually love

Are you willing to know why some people walk away from partners they love? Keep reading our valuable blog to understand your problems in relationships. It is very difficult to leave someone whom one loves. There are some reasons why people leave the ones they love. It is necessary that every person should know these things to avoid breakups in the future.

Leaving someone you love:

To leave someone you love means you are ending up relation because you are moving or you are ending up relation because you are unhappy or the good times are outweighed by bad or you have lost your trust in your partner.

Leaving someone is really very difficult either you are leaving someone who you love most in your life because your relationship is not working or you are leaving your friends or family. In each case, going far away is tough.

Ending up your beautiful relationship:

To have a love relation with someone requires more than friendship and commitment. It is the relation that is different from other relations in your life. It is the relation that should be built upon trust and respect. Falling in love is not so easy. The difficult part is remaining in love, and committing to your partner till the end of your life, and then fulfill the promise you have made with each other.

But some people after a few years or a few months of their relationship make the decision to end up relation due to many reasons. Because they felt that the person they love is not loving you back like the way you love them with loyalty and sincerity, or it is just like one-sided love. Sometimes people go far away from their loved ones because you are feeling alone after being in relation to or you have lost your trust in your partner.

There can be many reasons a few of them are:

Lack of communication:

At the start of your relationship, you have a bundle of topics to discuss with each other. You discuss each and everything and anything with each other. Unluckily as time goes on you have nothing to talk with each other and you feel that there is nothing left in your healthy relationship. You think that your relationship has become worthless or lost the meaning of love.

Sometimes as time passes you are so busy in your daily routine or work, you have no time for each other to communicate or to ask one another their problems. In this way, the relationship is affected and becomes the reason for ending up a relationship that has been build up with so many efforts.

Communication shuts down because there is not an effective way to sit and discuss issues in a healthy manner.

Feeling invisible:

This problem is when you take each other for granted. You don’t give importance to each other like the way you give in the past or you not complement each other. You are so much busy in your work that you have no time to look at one another. In this case, you can’t blame one person. In this case, you need some distance because when you are far away from one another then you come to know the importance of each other. Every relation needs work.

Attraction is gone:

How attraction is gone in a relationship? The reason is that you don’t have time for one another to go out or you have no time for one another to do special things that you do before. You live in one room like roommates. Most time it is nothing to do with physical appearance but the things that go unsaid or undone. Attraction is build up by appreciation or by giving proper time to one another.


Dishonesty develops when you started to hide things from one another. Cheating or other secrets destroy any relation. It diminishes all love and all trust in the relationship. Trust is one of the important things in any relationship. If it diminishes then there is no chance to keep the relationship in the future.

No one wants to compromise:

One of the most important things in any relationship is to compromise. This compromise is not always formed the one side. To keep healthy relations it is important to compromise things from both sides. But in most cases, no one wants to compromise. In any relation, it is thought to be compromised by one only. You stop caring about the other person’s feels and you want what you want. Even through arguments and fights, no one wants to compromise.

Ending up your love relation with family and friends:

One of the greatest sources of pain is cut off by family members and friends. This can be due to some stress, confusion, depression, or when you feel you are not given equal importance in your family and friends circle like others. This is one of the huge pain that can’t be brooked. You may cut each other off for years, months, days without any explanation.

These are some of the reasons why you feel to end up in relationships with your family and friends.

Power and control:

In all family and friends circle, there are some members that are given all importance and some are those to whom no importance is given at all. There are some dominant and less dominant members. The dominant may lead the relation in cutting off to exert their high level of power and control.


A good friend or a good family member is one who keeps relation real. Who won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but always tell you what you need to hear.

Family members and friends should be supportive which will lead you to success but they should also stop you when you are wrong. Family members and friends who don’t tell you when you’re wrong and still support you then are not loyal to you.


In any relation, compromise has much importance. All relationships have their ups and downs and a healthy or strong relationship is one in which all tries to make up when there is any problem. In any relationship, whether it is of friends or with family when it is supposed to be compromised by one or to have the effort to keep relation by one then that relation ends up soon.


The discussion above will let you know why people leave their beloved ones or end up healthy relations. If you are depressed and want to change your mind, and forget some sad moments, we will help you with free online counseling and guidance.

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