Oxytocin hormone of Love

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What is oxytocin?

It is the hormone that takes place in hypothalamus released by the pituitary gland. In Medical term, it is also known neuropeptide which is used as a neurotransmitter. It relays signals from one neuron to another one. Oxytocin hormone of love works with oxytocin receptors which are found in the brain, and also in other body parts.
Oxytocin hormone of love

Why is oxytocin important?

It is important for you because it creates signals of love, emotions, and romance in the body. Especially oxytocin hormone function starts when a person hugs or kisses one’s partner, the pituitary gland releases it. The hormone makes you bond in to pair with your partner in a good romantic mood. It helps in sexual arousal and orgasm.

How to release oxytocin in man or woman naturally?

  • Try yoga
  • Do workout
  • Listen to music
  • Offer prayers and be religious
  • Attain happiness
  • Avoid depression and boredom signs
  • Keep yourself healthy
  • Eat energetic foods
  • Entertain yourself in different ways
  • Walk at least twenty minutes a day
  • Read books, magazines and novels
  • Hear happy-ending love stories
  • Get married
  • Spend time with friends and family members
  • Increase Vitamin D intake
  • Increase Vitamin C intake
  • Eat taurine and magnesium-rich foods
  • Massage your hands and feet
  • Adopt to pet hobby
  • Watch movies

Effects of Oxytocin

  1. Oxytocin strengthens the ties of kinship
  2. It makes relationships stronger between couples
  3. It is a proven way to relieve stress
  4. It reminds of old emotional reminiscences
  5. It makes it easier for a mother to breastfeed her baby
  6. It boosts sexual arousal and orgasm
  7. It lowers cravings for drugs intake
  8. It makes you happy
  9. It makes you defensively aggressive against the aggressor
  10. It improves sleep

Why is it called love hormone?

It is called ‘love hormone’ because researches show that when the hormone is released, a person tends to become an increased mood of attachment to the partner. So, it is known as the love hormone.

What does Oxytocin have to do with love?

Research 2012 shows that the couple having the first stages of romance have higher levels of oxytocin hormone of love. The hormone releases relationship-boosting effects. Some effects of oxytocin hormone of love in context to the relationship are trust, gazing, empathy, and fidelity.

Does the body naturally produce it?

Yes, it is naturally produced in the body. Sometimes, we render different activities to increase the level of production for better attachment with a partner.

Connection with Dopamine and Serotonin

Oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin are known to be called as happy hormones. When dopamine and serotonin take place, positive emotions take birth. Dopamine and Serotonin act as enzymes in the production of Oxytocin.

The relation between Oxytocin and Motherhood

The hormone plays various operations with respect to motherhood. 2014 study shows that adoptive mothers and foster mother have experienced similar effects of oxytocin when it releases. It is produced when a baby latches on the mother’s breast or an affectionate touch of a child on the mother’s body.

The relation between Oxytocin and Fatherhood

2010 research has crystallized it that father-child relationship has also higher levels of oxytocin production.

Oxytocin increases faithfulness and fidelity

It truly increases fidelity and faithfulness between couples. Sometimes, depression can take over your mind and hinders production. Making a good routine and performing optimistic tasks can increase levels of oxytocin production in the hypothalamus. So, sexual orgasm and romantic relationships are dependent upon the love hormone.

Why is Oxytocin called love hormone?

It is called the love hormone as it increases attachments among couples.

Does Oxytocin make you fall in love?

Yes, it does make one fall in love because of exceeding love and positive emotions produced by the oxytocin hormone.

Medical uses of oxytocin

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