How to Make Schedule for Better Results in Study

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Importance of schedule in Daily Routine Best Performance

In the start of any degree, you will have an anxietywhether you will obtain good grades or not. It is the fear of every student whosoever he or she is, and whatsoever one may be doing for getting triumphant results. 

It is quite natural to worry about one’s future. How to overcome this fear? It is as easy as it is for fears to attack your ambitions, plans and goals. 

How to make schedule
How to make a schedule 

Everything has a definite time to take place, and a method to be implemented. You have to know how to make a schedule for your tasks. So you all have to do for better performance, knowledge, education and successful ending in your educational career. 

Without a definite daily routine or schedule, a student will never do the desired or required task, which will ultimately lower down the grades in results. Hence, it is noticeable schedule keeps an eminent level of importance in the lives of students.

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9 Effective tips to schedule time in a required way

As you would know that one person differs in thinking from others so are strategies of different persons. I believe that what I am providing you today will surely help you in getting successful outcomes at the end of your education session. Read carefully and apply to your days, weeks and months.

List what you have to do in the whole day

A major problem that every student might be facing is creating a list. Around the globe, successful people have defined schedules that they everyday follow. According to Business Insider, Bill Gates and Elon Musk have daily schedules and they both follow time table adherently so not to risk any important chore of the day. For example, if you have 6 subjects to study; list them out as:

  • ·         Physics
  • ·         Chemistry
  • ·         English
  • ·         Mathematics
  • ·         Biology
  • ·         Ethics

It is going to help you have a good understanding how you are gonna treat with your all-day with good results at the end of the day.

Prioritize the most important tasks first

It is also necessary to do things in the order of priority. It is a widespread thought “First things first”. Whatever is more important should be the first.  Let’s assume you think Biology is more important among all six subjects; then it becomes mandatory for you to place it at 1st position. 

How to prioritize works
Prioritize all your works

Sometimes it happens a student starts reading a story but he doesn’t enjoy it because he found zero interest in it. In such cases, one should prioritize on the basis of interest so as to create a hierarchy of studying subjects that bears fruit in the end.

3.      Check if everything is in the sound order

If we put water in bag and money into the glass, how would it look like? Really bad or something that annoys? Yes, it annoys everyone because of irregularity and misplacement. If everything is on its right place, it yields something positive. On the contrary, disordered things produce bitter outcomes that bring disgust to us. So, in scheduling make sure to prioritize your subjects, chores or works in a sound way on the basis of either importance or interest.

4.      Let’s assume you have done all the decided tasks

One of the most important things is assumption and presumption in one’s life. Before making a schedule, you would think that it is going to buttress your educationist soul and help you in getting good grades in your studies. If you have already made a schedule, just start from this step and see if it meets the standards. 

What will happen when you do all your tasks at time
When you are done, you are satisfied

Presume yourself if the made-schedule covers all your things and benefits in daily and final exam-oriented papers too. It may suit the entire session of yours so you are doing well in scheduling your time.

5.      Predict about the works if everything is listed correct

Analyse, analyse, and analyse. Without a good analysis, sharp decision making and alert observation, nothing is so easy that a person can achieve. In this, you are going to find out that what your goals of the day are, and how will your end with what accomplishments? If the answer satisfies your demands needed for a good time table then you are the right track.

6.      Spare your hours for study (4 hours, 5 hours or how much)

A student can study even 16+ hours in a day but should not necessarily do it. Risking one’s health and sitting all day at a chair may prove to become a cause for depression. It is necessary to think for your physical and mental health. Time table should be according to your available time. You should decide how many hours are required to study in a day to learn maximum with flying colours. I believe it personally a student should study sharp 8 hours in a day, no less than that not greater than it.

7.      Decide how much time you will give to each subject

After you have taken the decision of total time you have for studies, now it comes to decide how many hours you should invest for a particular subject. It will be assessed on your performance in all subjects, syllabus and other relevant offshoots that will apprise you of the requirements of efforts in every subject.

8.      Take short breaks in time before starting a new subject

Studying in a better way with concentration is also an art. In fact, time management is also a vast field if a person has a sharp eye to analyze the subject. You should have minimally 15 minutes break after studying for 45 minutes or approximately an hour. 

How to make schedule with breaks
Take break and tea together

A person should never read, or memorize more than 1 hour. After an hour, naturally mental capacity starts to lower because of mental tiredness.

9.      That is all about scheduling your time

At last, I would like to share a plan of mine for the whole day. Let’s see what I personally do for my education and other tasks.

  • ·         6:00AM – 7:00AM Exercise & Breakfast
  • ·         7:00AM – 8:00AM Bathe
  • ·         8:00AM – 12:00AM Study (Newspaper, Current global issues, Pakistan affairs and Criminology; 1 hour for each subject with 15 minutes break after each subject)
  • ·         12:00AM – 1: 00PM Rest time+ Lunch
  • ·         1:00PM – 2:00PM Reading any magazine
  • ·         2:00PM – 5:00PM Reading a book (Currently I am going through Henry Kissing’s World Order)
  • ·         5:00PM – 7:00PM Outing with friends and sometimes alone
  • ·         7:00PM – 8:00PM Rest time
  • ·         8:00PM – 9:00PM Dinner
  • ·         9:00PM – 10:00PM Listening to songs and lying on the bed
  • ·         10:00PM – 6:00AM Sleeping

And, the cycle repeats so on with every new day.

Final Words about scheduling your time

Conclusively, I would like to say that it has now become very important to follow the rules of the field in which you want to grow. Otherwise, you will fail to fight with those who are doing smart work and are genius. If you are also one of those people who want praiseworthy success than make a timetable and start following it by heart. Moreover, studying effectively is a solution to all your educational problems.

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