Can You Ever Stop Loving the Person You Truly Loved

can you ever stop loving someone you truly loved

Yes, it’s true that true love never dies. Even if you try to stop loving them but you will not get rid of feelings so soon overnight. It will surely take more time to move on or forget them. What do you think can you ever stop loving the person you truly loved?

It is also seen that some ex also love each other even if they get married, the reason for this is not that they couldn’t forget each other, but actually, they can’t ignore their beautiful memories together that are still engraved on their hearts.

Only those who have really loved truly can testify that how hard it is to forget someone you actually loved a time ago. The things that hurt are that there was a time when they were your priority, but somehow they don’t have the same feelings for you. So after going through this article, you may learn how to go through all these complicated feelings.

How to get over you the person you don’t want to love anymore:

Keep yourself distance

Keep Yourself Distance

Firstly, this is the most important thing you should practice first and trust me, it’s hard, but it works well. This is the first good thing you should implement that distance yourself from them. The ways you can adapt to distance yourself from them is by:

Stop giving them a place in your heart

Stop Giving them place in your heart

In some situations, it is seen that even if you stop texting or contacting them, the other person tries to contact you whenever they see you online, so in this situation, it is best not to reply to them or call them in return. You have to learn how to snub them.

This method of dealing is not only helpful in getting rid of toxic relationships but is also found helpful for leaving fake friends. You have to make your heart cold for your own betterment.

 Some relations are like holding a cactus. The longer you make them stay, the more they hurt you, but once you let them go, the wound will be there, but it will heal with the passage of time because you might have heard that time is the biggest healer to an injury. So if you want to stop loving someone, be strong and distance yourself from them.

Don’t show any concern towards them.

It is an actual fact that when you once stop showing your care and affection towards someone you love, eventually you will stop caring for them. Yes, it will pounder your heart once or twice, maybe several times, but at last, it will be effective.

As we know that love means showing concern and take part in other partners’ happiness and suffering as well. So if you still show consideration for your ex-partner, then it will be hard for you to forget them and let them go. The best thing you can do is to develop I don’t care at all attitude towards them. For instance, on any special occasion you used to give them any present and flowers so now it’s time to stop all these.

Stop making sacrifices for their happiness.

Stop making sacrifice

Another name for love is a sacrifice; you cannot truly love someone until you sacrifice anything for their happiness. So now it’s time to an end to this sacrifice and stops this love right here!

Sacrifice doesn’t always mean that you need to lose something or let anything go for the sake of your happiness. Sacrifice is also made by giving your time to them. You need to value your time now that you used to spend on them. You need to utilize your precious time and try to invest in yourself.

Convince yourself to move on

Convince yourself to move on

We usually think that we can only get a problem’s solution by sharing it with the second person, but that’s the wrong myth. You can also share and talk to yourself sometimes. Take time and convince yourself not to repeat those mistakes in your present and future that you made unknowingly in your past. Make up your mind to forget your ex or your partner and start life freshly.

Try to get rid of flashbacks if you have their photographs; just burn them to ashes or tear them apart. One of the biggest reasons we find it hard to get out of love is that we have not made our minds before breaking up. Deep down, you hope that they will change one day; you wish that they will come back.

You have to know that if your relationship is still not working right and you have put all your possible efforts, then it is really not meant to be. Despite resolving everything, it’s time to move on from a toxic relationship.

Show self care and love yourself.

Show self care for yourself

If you want to stop caring for someone, then the solution to it is to start loving yourself first. Make yourself a priority before anyone else forget everything about your ex or partner.

It’s a fact that for some people, it’s easy to love others and show affection, but it’s hard for them to love themselves. It is said that love has given me nothing except hurt, so loyal to you that I betrayed myself. You need to understand that making yourself a priority is not selfishness, but this is the most important thing to do to make yourself able to love others.

Start making yourself better by investing in yourself. Never try to force yourself to love a person who is not able to value you and your love. Don’t waste your efforts on those who don’t appreciate you for your efforts.

Look for someone better or a new partner.

Find a new partner

After you have ended your relationship with someone you loved before, it’s your absolute right to look for a better partner who can share not only your happiness but also your sufferings as well. Someone who appreciates shows affection, loves you truly, respects your decisions and choices. You can get a a lot of information on how to impress your crush or someone you like from relevant blogs.

This advice is primarily workable for those people who have fallen in love with someone they can’t have. For making yourself to stop falling for your crush you can’t have or have no future with them, you need to make new friends and find a better partner for understanding your feelings.

Socialize with new people who can help you to forget about your crush.

Speak to any counselor

Get online counselling or talk to a counselor

Some people also worry that if they stop loving someone or end their relationship, they won’t find any other person. But that’s not true if you feel that your love for your partner is so strong that you can’t move on or the main reason that letting go of this person will affect your happiness and daily life routine, then you need someone with whom you can talk and share your views.

A counselor will offer you a reasonable opinion, speak honestly with you, and most important, your situation will be understood. Share with your counselor that it is frustrating for you to stop loving that person, but it is also killing you from inside. Thinking this might take your control away, and you may feel very anxious about all these, a counselor will understand your situation and will help you to get over them and work with you on this.

Give yourself a mental break and go on a holiday trip

Go on a holiday trip

Taking a break is really necessary for your health mentally and emotionally. Changing the environment helps a lot in getting rid of something. The main reason behind going on a holiday is to relax yourself from mental stress. When your surroundings will change, it is apparent that you will feel relaxed and you will not think about them more.

By hanging out with your friends, relatives, and family, you will feel loved your emotional condition will get better. Every person has its own way of relieving stress. Some get rid of it by traveling and partying hard, some reduce by eating more than usual, some by staying alone, some by getting too much sleep so that they have no connection with the world for some time.

Always do that in which you are satisfied and feel comfortable. Rest it’s up to you which way you choose, the way you choose to overcome this time for you.  This time may not be easy for you, but making a solid decision is also quite essential for you.

Find a hobby and keep yourself busy.

Find a hobby and keep yourself busy

Keeping yourself busy from all these is the best way to overcome your emotions. If you search for a hobby, you will be distracted and not be able to think more. The less you think and force yourself, the better it is for you. Always try to set a specific goal in your life and always work hard to achieve it successfully. When to reach your targeted goal once your desire to achieve more also increases day by day. There is nothing more satisfying and better than setting up your goals and achieving them.

These are the true feelings of pleasure that we always searched for in the wrong place. Always keep investing in yourself to keep your morale up. The satisfaction and happiness of your success will automatically make you forget your past failures in your relationship. Wishing for a good relationship and a good partner who understands and supports you and is necessary for us, but in this hurry, don’t make yourself fall for the wrong person and end up getting hurt by your own hands.

Signs that you have to move on:

Since always love has always been a tricky business. It starts like you met someone, you liked each other, but in the end, you both broke up for some reason. Yes, it happens like this; there are two possible situations, whether you both stay together forever or you end breaking up and getting apart. Things that we mostly mistaken up with are as follows:

Is it really love or lust?

Is it really love or lust?

There is no doubt that love is an unconditional thing. Just think about the way your siblings and most beautiful example the way your parents love you. These are the pure forms of love with any profit or any thoughts of benefit. These are the unbreakable bonds of life no matter how much you people fight or think that you hate each other, but you can’t because you are helpless in the case of feelings.

Now transfer this in a romantic relationship for many people love starts with feelings of attraction with the other person that goes along with the chemical reactions. All these things are nothing but termed as lust, not love. Because in the end, only lust dies, not love, lust fades away, not love, and with the passage of time, the things come out like they were never there before. So all these come under lust because love doesn’t dissipate.

When being in love is not the same now.

Love is not same now as it was before

It is said that you can love a lot of people and even things! But actually, in reality, you are not in love with them. For example, you love your new dress, you love your pet, or we can say you love your new books collection.

 You love to watch the sunset at the beach, but the point to think is that none of these can turn your world upside down. Only a true love is the only thing that is capable of doing it. All the feelings that are true are found deep in your heart and are stored there for the rest of your life you live, whether you wish or like it or not.

When the time changes, things

Time changes

When we are newly in a relationship, we fantasize about everything at the start, and we act too good, but we don’t realize that this thing does not make the relationship go well; instead, it destroys it. In a relationship, you don’t need to show your partner that you are always perfect in everything and need to show your imperfections too. By making everything so perfect in the beginning, we can’t always cope with the same situation, and when after a passage of time spent together when your partner sees your genuine personality, they blame the other person that the other person has changed and thinks lost interest in them.

No one is perfect in here, and if we get to know each other imperfections at the right time, then people will not be confused and will not end breaking up. Fantasizing the situation will make expectations high, and if the expectations are not fulfilled, then the relationship ends breaking up with each other.

What you call is true love:

It stays and supports you no matter what

Stays and supports you

Many people say they have overcome their ex, but still, if they are put in a closed room with their ex, they will surely patch up, and all their feelings will come back rushing up. The reason is not that they have not resolved their issues, but the original cause is that they still love them, and true love hits hard, and there is no way around it.

It’s spiritual and does not disappear.

It does not disappear

It may sound a bit old for you, but you have a spiritual experience or connection with someone when you truly love someone. It can be said that your former flame created both energies together.

You will feel that your whole life’s existence has been changed once you fall in love with someone. So all these feelings cannot be destroyed even with time.

It is more than just a chemical reaction.

Love is more than just a chemical reaction

Many researchers have said that love is a combination of chemical reactions caused by the brain cells in our body and creates the sensation of attraction to release good chemical hormones throughout the body of the person. It is believed that this thing might be accurate, but it makes more sense if we see it as chemically induced infatuation.

Even if you separated a long time ago and you both have not seen each other, still you have the sensation of love or some kind of feelings for them whenever you think of them, shows that this thing that we call love is more than just a biological thing and is beyond the philosophy of chemical reactions in our body. So this true love won’t ever go away.

Time doesn’t matter in true love.

Time doesn’t matter in love

Of course, we all have those truly special friends we go with, even if we don’t see or ask them for weeks or months. As soon as when you are back together again, you feel the same that nothing has changed, it feels like you have just met a few days before, but actually, it has been months since you have met them.

So being in true love is sort of the same thing as this. The emotions, moments, feelings that you have shared with that person will always be there between you two, unknowingly connecting you both with each other. If there is no strong bond like this with them, then you have never loved each other truly at all. It was just a sort of attraction that you had for some period of time, and it faded with the time passage.

When you feel safe and secure

You feel safe in love

A genuine relationship gives you peace of mind with a sense of safety. When a person truly loves you, they will never leave you in a situation to compromise with your security. So if you think or feel that you are safe with them physically, mentally, and emotionally then it’s proved that you have found your true love.

You may have many imperfections, but when the love of your partner is true, then you will know that they will stand with you no matter what. You will not have to work hard to get their attention. If you want to share something, they will hear you. At the moment, they will also recognize and appreciate you for the small efforts you make for them. They will reciprocate or either compliment you for all these things.

When your relation has stability

Your relationship should have stability

Having stability in a relationship is a too important factor for both partners. You both will have an assurance that no matter how hard the things get, you both will sort them out and not let any of the issues, even more, significant than mount Everest will not affect you both and cause separation. Both of you will not leave each other alone at the time of need. Even after a tiring day, you may have walked through hell, but just by seeing the glowing face of your partner, you will feel alright and good.

When you love someone, truly giving up on them is never an option. Couples who commit to each other truly will fight each other, but they will come out more strongly with more love after that. Whatever the reason or situation may be, whether it is a challenging financial situation or any kind of family issue, you both will stay together and firm, always supporting and constantly growing. There is nothing in the world that would change your feelings for each other. In the matter of true love, the word not even the thought of leaving each other and breaking up arises.

Final thought

Forgetting someone that you once loved does not happen over one night, but constant practice and making yourself stay firm on the above-mentioned points will help you to lead a better and new way for yourself. There is no need for someone in your life who doesn’t value or take care of your emotions and as well as you.

Although it will take some time to accept this and completely stop loving someone you cared about even if they hurt you, all you need to do is to accept the fact that you two were not meant to be together or for each other.

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