9 Study Tips for Exams: How to pass an examination successfully

Do you want to know how to prepare for exam in less time? If yes, this article is for you.
Dem-China was the first state in the world whose royal family, the Sui, began conducting examinations during their reign. The purpose of these examinations at that time was not only to appoint the best people to various government positions but also to most educational institutions in the world. The current examination system began after the Industrial Revolution in Europe, with the aim of ensuring that students did not become lazy in repeating the lessons they read throughout the year, as well as their writing skills. Be able to be exposed openly.
Psychologists also consider this examination system useful for students and highlight its usefulness and say that the biggest benefit of taking exams is that students become aware of their shortcomings and weaknesses and take exams. By preparing, the lessons are imprinted in the mind, which saves a year of hard work. Whether it is a school, college or university, the question often arises in the minds of the students of every institution that we should take the exam. How to prepare for exams?
This article will, insha’Allah, provide answers to such questions of the youth. The youth must consider the following points regarding the preparation of the paper.

Top 9 Tips To prepare for Examinations

Tip No. 1

The human brain reaches any conclusion with the help of the information given by the senses. Just as the brain needs the information of the senses, so the function of the senses is only to convey information. See just one example in this regard. Just as the eye’s job is simply to record a video and transmit it to the brain, the eye itself does not have the ability to decide whether the scene I am looking at is beautiful or not. If you are reporting something, it will be stored in your memory for a long time. Therefore, students should memorize the lesson aloud. Students will benefit from reading the lesson aloud as all three of our senses, eyes, tongue and ears will be used in memorization and what will reach the brain through the three senses.

Tip No. 2

You will be happy to know that our language has a memory box that even if we forget something, it will definitely remember our language, for example, it happens many times when we forget something while writing in exams and Even if we put a lot of emphasis on the mind, those words would not come to mind, so once we start speaking the whole paragraph in our mouth again, then we remember those words, so it is very useful to memorize the lesson with the help of language.

Tip No. 3

The best way to prepare a paper is to take your books and confine yourself to one room, just you, your books and the closed room. Understand that there should be no colourful pictures on the walls inside the room, no magazines, no puzzle games, even in the room there should be nothing of interest to you other than books.
This is because our brain starts thinking about everything it sees and hears without asking us, for example, if you are walking down a street and there is something written on the front wall, as soon as you Whether you like it or not, your brain will read it, and start thinking about it and making up stories, like if we saw an old man or small children begging on the street. So we start thinking about the future of the country. When we see broken roads, we start cursing politicians.

Tip No. 4

That is, our brain can get distracted from seeing anything irrelevant, so it is very beneficial to get up in the morning and read at the first time because at that time your brain cannot get distracted much. Therefore, it is important to start reading as soon as you wake up in the morning, instead of updating your Facebook status or wasting time on mobile and TV. Choosing such a place to read Do it where you are not complete, then something or other will be available.
Most of the people suffer from memory impairment and they do not remember anything for a long time. Such people should memorize the lessons in writing and this was also mentioned in a hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him). A man complained to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) about memory impairment. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) pointed to the letter with his hand and said, “Ask for help with your right hand. ۔
(Kinz al-Amal, Kitab al-Ilm, vol. 10, p. 107, Hadith No. 29291, published by Al-Kitab al-Alamiya, Beirut)

Tip No. 5

Speed ​​is very important during the study because speed is the only thing that attracts attention. Many children say that we cannot maintain our focus on reading because if we get distracted, there is only one cure for it and that is speed. Read fast. But what we do, we read slowly. We seem to remember by reading slowly, not vice versa. Reading slowly distracts us. We get lost in thoughts every 5 minutes. If there is no speed, the mind becomes weak and keeps swaying. Yes, the cycle can create balance only because of the speed. If you ride the bicycle slowly, sometimes it will fall to the right and sometimes it will fall to the left. Instead of cycling, you will just keep on balancing.
So whatever we read should be read fast. In the beginning, you will feel that you are just reading. You don’t understand anything but you will feel it because you are doing it for the first time. In 3 days, your brain will start to pick up speed and you will feel that the faster you are reading, the better you are remembering. This is because our brain works on speed memory. Consider an example in this regard. If someone tells you his mobile number slowly, you will not be able to remember it like this because most of the time we use them to memorize mobile numbers. They repeat in their minds and they are remembered. In short, the brain needs 2 things to work, loneliness and speed, and with the help of both of them, you gradually increase the speed of memorizing your lessons.

Tip No. 6

The highest marks in exams are given to the children who believe in the practice formula because if you memorize the lesson sometimes you will never remember the lesson well but if you keep practising memorizing the lesson. If so, not only will you remember that lesson, but it will also be stored in your memory for a long time, because the servant who practices daily and prepares himself for the time to come becomes a great champion in this regard. Look at the example of Ali Clay. He once went down to wrestling and hit his opponent with a punch and that wrestling was won at that moment. The journalist came and asked Muhammad Ali Clay, the prize you got today is millions of dollars What is found? He replied very nicely that I have practised for 21 years to make this punch and today when he touches this punch, the servant falls down. Success is always achieved by improving one’s skills and by constant practice.

Tip No. 7

The important point for preparing for the exam is that we set our reading times because if you just say that I will sit for the preparation tomorrow, tomorrow will also pass but you will not be able to read but if you Decide that I will sit in such and such a place to memorize so many pages of this article for 2 hours after dinner tomorrow, so it is more likely that you will sit down to read because of the specific place and time. By doing this we can gain control over ourselves and we can make our decisions and tasks more efficient and automatic, and when we get into the habit of working on a daily basis, that task becomes part of our daily life, like getting up in the morning and taking a shower every day. You don’t have to plan because it has become part of your daily routine, so if all the details of a task are given to the brain, it is more likely that you will get them to do it on time.

Tip No. 8

When the paper comes in front of the examiner to be checked, you are not there, only your hard work is in front of the paper in the form of how you have done the paper, so to impress the examiner, you must pay attention to the following.
  • The examiner gives marks to the one whose paper is clean. If you do not understand your own writing then how can you expect good marks from the examiner.
  •  Many children write big in the page-filling cycle, sometimes leaving out the edges of the line so that they can work on more pages. Remember that the paper checker is not blind, he knows that this child has left space and used more sheets, so write in each line to the end.
  • If you write the answer to the question asked, the paper checker is affected. The incompetent child does not remember the lesson, so he writes irrelevant things and often the children complain that the paper is good because of the short time. No, these are the children who write 4 sheets for a 2 number question, so it is important to always look at the number, what is the number of questions asked, how important the question is and how much I have to answer. ۔
  • Whenever you finish a short or long question, be sure to draw a concluding line because this line is a sign that your question is over. There is no sign.

Tip No. 9

Understand the last and most important thing that most of us are told to do the question that comes out the best first and the last that comes out the best, but never do that which is second to all. It is better to do it first because the examiner also has in mind that if he has to do the first question well, then the advantage will be that the number of the second question that you have done on the first number will be equal to the first. And the second question, because it will be better than this, will give the impression that this is a worthy child. He will give and the one who gets good at the third number will do it in the end, so since he will be better than the third, he will also get good marks in it.
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