5 Ways to Make Your First Anniversary Memorable

ways to make your first anniversary memorable

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As we all have heard from our childhood, the start of anything has to be good. Whether you do any job or business, whether you decide to do something new or any other things. The start of it must be good. If the start of it doesn’t have to be good, then its ending must have been great. But in your case, you don’t need to wait for the ending to make it great. Because it is the start in your case, it is your first marriage anniversary. So you do not want until the 25th or 50th marriage to make that day memorable.

You can do all the good things at the start, that your end will be great by god. You do not need to do anything to make your ending great. Forget about your ending and focus on your start or beginning. It is not a proper beginning because you have to take a step towards it one year. It is your second step which you have to take with more care, than your first step. Because it is easy to start but difficult to continue.

Cake party

The anniversary is not given start without this tradition, the end of the anniversary is very far. Without eating a slice of anniversary cake or giving a slice of cake to your partner, the anniversary tradition is not completed. You can have the cake party on your anniversary, which makes it remarkable and memorable. In the past, people or couples would eat the anniversary cake alone or feed this to each other alone. When no one can disturb them or spoil their special moment. You can also do this moment with your partner. Whether you feed him or her cake or cake on the face of her or him.

Celebrate with paper

You can celebrate your anniversary with paper because it is also a tradition. Do you know about the first-anniversary celebration? What was the gift at that time? The gift that one partner gives to the other is made from paper. That thing you can also do with your partner as well, you can give a letter which you write for your partner on their anniversary. Which you can write on paper, not on the email or note. You can write all the factors that you have with your partner in one year. You can write all the things, which start from your marriage day to the present day.

Celebration in a resort

You can go out to a resort, where you can celebrate your anniversary. If you ask why a resort, not any other place. This is because nowadays the resort has many beautiful looks and is perfect for any type of vacation and celebration. Whether you go on vacation or celebrate your anniversary. You just need to give a brief about what type of celebration you want, and in which area you want that celebration. And after that, all things can be handled by all resorts and their members. That’s why it’s a better place to go out to a resort for celebration. 

Night under the stars

You can have a night under the stars in many ways, whether you make your celebration under the stars. The celebration under the house, hotel, or any other everyone does. But every few ideas of celebration under the stars you can do so. You can have all your anniversary celebrations under the stars, where you cut your anniversary cake to all other celebrations. You can cut the cake that your friend sends for you, whether he or she just needs the location. So he or she can send the cake, like this online cake delivery in Ahmedabad or whether your location exists. You can also do this that you have all celebrations under your house, but you and you’re spending the night under the stars. Where you and your partner talk for the whole night or sleep and cuddle each other. Looking at the stars and talking about the old memories of yours.

Buying jewelry together

This is also a nice idea for making your anniversary memorable, as you can do a lot of things in it. Whether you want to upgrade your anniversary ring and get something better instead of it. You are thinking about giving something to your partner on the anniversary, that may be a memorable thing for him or her or a gift as well. If you don’t buy things or jewelry with your partner, then this also creates a remarkable and memorable moment as well.

You have many ways, but it’s your choice on which way you want to go or choose. As you have heard, today’s decision decides the upcoming future. This is also just like that.

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