4 Ways to make your relation stronger during COVID-19

Ways to stronger your relation during corona virus

This means that couples who live together or who have decided to quarantine together will, in the current circumstances, have unlimited time to spend with each other. Learn more here how to make a relationship stronger in coronavirus.

Understandably, most couples will have difficulty adjusting to the new rules and safety precautions in this situation.

Fortunately, relationship experts hope that this time can be used to strengthen the relationship and eventually people in the relationship will be able to use this time to understand their own and their partner’s needs.

According to relationship experts, there are six things you need to know about the roots of living in quarantine, from setting your routine priorities to considering positive things.

Try to stick to your individual routine

For many people, precautions such as lockdown and social distance from the spread of the coronavirus mean distance from your career.

As a result, the time spent waking up and the routine of the morning has been changed or ignored.

But according to Dr Jennifer B. Rhodes, a licensed clinical psychologist, dating relationship coach and founder of Report Relationships, the most important thing couples should do is to get the most out of their daily routine before the quarantine. 

For many of us, working from home has either taken over or been replaced, but now people are sitting with their spouses or partners.

To make the relationship run smoothly, Rhodes said couples should keep their routines in mind and follow them.

Rhodes said: ‘It is important that you keep your routine in mind and live your routine and that your partner’s needs do not force you to end it. If you enjoy the morning silence before getting up or walking before your partner wakes up, you need to ‘get up early’.

It also means giving priority to exercise as you used to in your normal life. As Rhodes said, moving the body is important to keep anxiety and depression at bay.

Focus on the positivity

While acknowledging that it can be difficult to focus on the positive at this time, Rhodes told us that doing so can ensure that you don’t have to fight with your partner unnecessarily.

“It’s really a change of mindset,” Rhodes explained. Instead of looking at your partner’s flaws that he didn’t put the laundry in the hamper or take a shower, pay attention to ‘I’m happy’, ‘we’re together’ or my partner is washing the dishes ‘or’ I really like that you ‘keep yourself updated on the facts about the virus.’

He told us: ‘This (sex) is not something you should pay more attention to right now.’ If you are having more sex then this is good for you.

However, according to Sassman, sex should be discussed. If you see this becoming a problem or if you think that you and your partner do not agree.

“If you’re having trouble, be gentle with each other and talk about it,” said Sassman. I can imagine one person saying: ‘Let’s have sex and nothing else’ and another saying: ‘Are you crazy, this is the last thing I want to do? I am. ‘

Rhodes also suggested that couples discuss their sex lives as men and women try different ways to deal with stress.

According to Rhodes: ‘Women in heterosexual relationships may face’ pressure ‘to have sex more often because men often try to reduce stress through sexual activity while women generally They lose their sexual desire.

To make sure sex doesn’t cause any problems, Rhodes told us: “We need to talk openly about how someone is feeling.”

He also acknowledged that both partners will need to make a conscious effort to enjoy these moments as we are absorbing so much anxiety that it is possible that this anxiety will also affect bedroom activities. 

Use your hands

Cooking according to Rhodes, especially if it’s a recipe that refreshes your childhood memories, or adding puzzles are good options.

He said: ‘I don’t think it’s important to take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem. Use your hands and don’t just watch Netflix 24 hours a day. ‘

Think of your relationship as a business or a startup

The quarantine will mean different roles, especially for couples with children, as parents have additional responsibilities such as educating their children.

“Everyone’s life has changed,” said Sassman. Even if you are a traditional family, your life has changed.

According to Sassman, with these changes, couples need to be ready to take on new responsibilities and help their partners because there is obviously a lot of work to be done.

To ensure that these changes are as smooth as possible, Sassman advises couples to come up with a plan that works for them.

One way to do that, Rhodes said, is to take it as a startup.

According to Sassman, this strategy will not only solve immediate and temporary problems but will also help strengthen the joints in the long run.

“Everyone is working harder,” he said. You have to accept that, but also that it will not last forever. The better you do it, the stronger your family will be.

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