10 Ways to Increase Happy Hormones in the Body

ways to increase happy hormones

You can know in our blog the ways to increase happy hormones. There are certain hormones that increase happiness and pleasure. In depression and feelings of sadness, people even leave their loved ones. So, know about increasing happiness hormones and be with him or her always.

What are hormones?

The hormones are chemicals that the body produces with the help of glands. Hormones are like messages to the body and these decide how a person’s behaviour should act.

Some happy hormones are:

  • Dopamine

It is also known as “Good hormone”. It is the part of the human brain’s reward system. This hormone releases sensation feelings and pleasure.

  • Serotonin

It helps to regulate mood and makes your sleep, digestion and other body parts function well.

  • Oxytocin

It is called ‘Love hormone‘. This hormone is responsible for good relationships, trust-building, and empathy.

10 Ways to increase happy hormones


Recreation is the best activity that regulates mood to become positive and more likely to enjoy time and situation. And, the best way for recreation is going for picnics, outings, and visiting beautiful and natural places. Going to historical places and romantic ones will swing mood to become happier. The way people want to enjoy maybe a bit different but going near to explore things, history and nature always returns you happy moments.

Exercise in the morning

Morning exercise releases hormones that regulate your mood. In the early morning, fresh air helps you make your respiratory system and immunity to become stronger. When a person inhales pure air, the dust particles will never enter the lungs because air is normally fresh in the morning time. This is why people suggest for morning exercise rather than workout at night.

Laugh with your spouse

Many research works showcases that ancient people were happier than that of recent years. It is because they spent most of their time in recreation, works, and nature. They used to laugh, share, and feel one and others’ feelings. Nowadays, people spend much time with smartphones and mobiles. This is why they enjoy very less than they work and take stress. You must have heard that laughter is the best medicine. So, laugh and smile with your spouse or friends. It will make you feel better and relieve stress.

Use supplements

Medicines help a lot in regulating moods, improving the entire health system. There are supplements that act as enzymes for happiness hormones. Some good supplements are;

  1. tyrosine
  2. probiotics
  3. tryptophan

The supplement affects you good and soothes stress. when one is not stressed, one becomes happy. Never use supplement without expert’s advice and suggestion. It is better to get advice from your medical practitioner.

Listen to music

Music is a sound that refreshes your mood in 4-5 minutes, if you play that matches your nature. A person does not like songs that are not according to him. So, if you play and listen to the songs that you like, it will revamp your happiness in minutes. Music is an immaterial medicine.


What is meditation? It is only being with you. People usually ask ‘how to meditate’ which is not a valid question. Doing meditation means just doing nothing even not thinking but only focusing on a single thing. It will help you recover from the shackles of boredom and depression. So, doing it for at least 30 minutes a day will give out good results.


Readers are the leaders. One who reads is the one who knows. Knowledgeable person always has a fair advantage over the ignorant. Spending time with your favourite books yields happy moments in the life. So, read as much as you can. Books can be novels, prose, poetry, stories, essays, and magazines too.

Sleep well

An average time for an adult to sleep ranges between 6-8 hours. Some Eastern and Western philosophers believe that night is made naturally to rest, and day for working. Personally speaking, I also feel stressed if I sleep during the day. Try to complete your sleep time of 8 hours at night. It will make you healthier, wealthier and wise.

Get massage

Getting oil massage will relax your muscles and body parts. It also releases stress and happiness hormones. So, it is a good practice to get a massage once in a month. Head massage improves the memory and mental health.

Stop smoking and alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption and the use of nicotine seriously harm physical and mental health. The lungs get damaged as soon as one starts drinking and smoking. It takes away all your happiness. An active is person is always happier than one who finds happy moments in dizziness.

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