10 Signs Someone is Hiding his Feelings for You

signs someone is hiding his feelings for you

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What are feelings for someone really means?

Feelings for someone mean that there are signs someone is hiding his feelings for you. He may be afraid of being rejected, and it is why he cannot tell you about his unconditional love. For a long time, one’s love cannot be clandestine, so it has to appear. Before it appears, one should know that what are some signs that one has strong feelings for someone.

When someone hides his feelings for you, he is emotionally attentive to your personality. It looks teasing to you when someone is hiding their feelings or emotions.

Feelings for someone mean that you have some special, deep emotions or warmhearted feelings for someone that can be in the form of care and love for some special people in your life like friends, family, or things that are meaningful to you.

Mostly these kinds of feelings and emotions are positive. But if it is for a specific person then we can mostly call it love.

For Example:

A husband has strong feelings for his wife and vice versa.

Difference between love and feelings:

True love is full of feelings. But all feelings can’t be referred to as true love. There are many terms often misused. Like, most people don’t know what is the difference between crush and love. We have different feelings for different people but we can’t give it a name as true love. It is not necessary that you can love only one person. A person may love more than 0ne person at a time. But you cannot say you truly love them.

When we become attached to someone or something, it can be anyone or anything like a doll, cat, and tree, or any person we become close to it. It is because of the heart of human that is full of emotions. Can you consider it as True Love? No it can’t be a true love because when you separate from that thing to which you are so much close, you may cry, you may miss but you will forget when it is replaced by something other.

Now it’s time to describe True Love. It is the feeling for a lifetime. If you have true love-type feelings for someone it will remain always in your heart and it can’t be replaced by anyone or anything. Because it has some special place in your heart.

True love can change your whole life. It can build you or ruin you at the same time depending on the love you contain or the other person does have the same feelings of true love for you or not.

Kinds of love:

Affectionate Love:

This is the type of love that you feels for your parents, siblings, family members and close friends. This type of love is linked with loyalty, sincerity, companionship and trust. This love is shared among those who have similar values and experiences.

Love of the child:

This type of love describes the never-ending love that parents have for their children. It is defined by never-ending acceptance and sacrifice. This type of love helps a child to develop through attachment and security.


This is a type of love that you give to yourself. Because if firstly you will not give love to yourself then nobody can give it to you. So self-love should be first priority in any case.

Long lasting Love:

Long-lasting love in most cases is in couples who have been together for a long period of time. This type of love continues to develop throughout the years. This type of love can be survived by maintenance and balance in relationships.

Signs someone is hiding his feelings for you:

Body language:

At last no matter how someone hides his/her feelings for you. They can’t hide their body language. Body language is nonverbal communication. Body language tells everything that you can’t say by yourself. Body language can show everything.

 Always present for you:

Whenever you need that they without thinking anything come to you. They are always available or you in your time of need and they will always show their love for you. They are the first ones to text you. They are always ready to support you through whatever obstacles you have in your way.

They are apologetic:

No one apologize as much as they does to you. They don’t want things to mess up so they apologize.  Most of the time they doesn’t have to say sorry but they likes you a lot. They are nervous as hell around you.

They laugh at your jokes:

No one said your jokes are good. But who cares. They think they are hilarious and will laugh at every joke of yours.

Eye contact:

If someone love you then he/she can’t make eye contact with you. They will always shy while talking to you. In the case of girl she may blush when you look at her. Eye contact is the kind of attraction.

Always remember the details:

When someone loves you he/she always remembers each and every detail either it is important or not.

They jealous of other people:

At last no matter if shy or loud everyone feels jealousy when something they want gives importance to someone else. You would not feel jealousy for someone, you didn’t like.

They gets awkward:

Not everyone is confident when talking to the people they like. They will be nervous being around you. They don’t know what to say or they completely forget what they were talking about because they can’t hide their emotions.

They are constantly busy:

Sometimes people hide their emotions and feelings for someone by continuously being busy at work. In this way, they have no time to think such things and they can easily hide their feelings from the person they like.

Afraid of being rejected:

Sometimes some people who like someone hide their feelings because they think that their proposal will get rejected if they will show their feelings. If they are not sure that the person they like also likes you they will keep their feelings bottled up because keeping them bottled up is a much better option than being rejected.

Better Option:

Sometimes the better option is that you might express your feelings for the people you love because life is too short but before that promise yourself and be determined that if you get rejected then it will not have bad effects on your life. So expressing your feelings is important because every person has a right to express his/her emotions. Because if you hide your feelings then you will remain disturbed all the time and you will not concentrate on work.


This blog post will give you information about the signs someone is hiding their feelings for you or anyone else, and how to deal with it.

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